Downspeeding has numerous benefits. And one great resource. Learn how downsped engines can bring greater efficiency to your fleet. Plus, earn a chance to win a big-screen TV. Initiate training module ยป

Dana Downspeeding Package

The industry is changing, and Dana has to change with it. That is why we engineered a full system solution to support the trend toward downsped engines. These products are designed well in front of the competitor, with the fastest axle ratios available and most durable U-joints to handle the extra torque downspeeding creates. Learn why here.

Please contact your OEM or TSSM for data code information.

Spicer® AdvanTEK® 40 Tandem Axle

  • Industry's most durable, efficient axle for downspeeding
  • Weighs 37 pounds less than a standard axle*
    * For final weights always confirm with your OEM.

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SPL® 250/350 Driveshafts and Inter-axle Shafts

  • Highest torque carrying U-joint in the industry - 40 percent more than the competition
  • Accommodate faster axle ratios without sacrificing life

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Spicer® E-Series Steer Axles

  • Up to 35 pounds lighter than a standard axle, with integral arm knuckles
  • Offer maximum durability

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Downsped Systems

Engine downspeeding is lowering engine RPMs at highway cruise to maximize fuel economy and reduce emissions for the entire system. However, the challenge of downsped engines is that they increase torque throughout the drivetrain. Running existing components with additional torque will actually decrease component life over the long haul.

That's why you need to spec the right parts, the first time.

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Learn how pending U.S. fuel economy standards will affect your fleet.
One of Dana's industry experts explains what to expect, and how to adapt.

View Downspeeding Spec Sheet. Start receiving major savings today through downspeeding

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Faster Axle Ratios & Slow Engine Speeds = More Driveline Torque

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